Prac Week One.

This blog post is a little bit delayed, but I have finally got a minute spare from lesson planning and reflecting.

In week 1, I only used the IWB once. This was to show a warm-up PowerPoint of maths timetables and shapes and other little things. I believe that these are a great way of helping the kids warm-up and get their brains moving. However, I wasn’t really given any other opportunities to utilise ICTs within the classroom. My prac teacher did have a mini panic attack looking at the requirements to utilise ICTs in the classroom, because I don’t think she utilises them more than is required.

I am a little disappointed that I didn’t have this subjects placement at my last prac school. They used the IWB for everything, had access to multiple computers within the classroom, and a class set of iPads that rotated around the school. Within this prac, every single lesson utilised ICTs to enhance student learning, and made lessons a lot more productive and engaging for the students.

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